National Miniature Register Inc

Promoting Miniature Horses and Miniature Ponies in Australia



The National Miniature Register was founded in 1992 by a number of Breeders who were dissatisfied with the "Miniature Industry", as it was then. The first meeting was held at "Windy Ridge Stud" in Baskerville, WA where the first Committee was formed with one main rule: to be a "Friendly Society" that is willing to give help or to offer assistance to those who need it. Since the first meeting, the "Nationals" have expanded to include all other states of Australia.

The National Miniature Register caters for both miniature horses and miniature ponies making it more affordable for those who breed or show both horses and ponies by reducing the need to pay for multiple memberships.

Miniature Horses and Ponies can come in all colours, from black and chestnut to pinto and palouse! They have a fantastic nature and are owned by people of all walks of life and belong as part of the family - it can be very hard to stop at only one. Some prefer to own and breed miniature horses and others prefer the miniature ponies, the choice is up to you. 

We are often asked by the people what can they be used for; Miniature Horses and Ponies can be used for many things such as;

- Halter Showing,

- Harness,

- Hunter,

- Jumping,

- Trail,

- Fancy Dress,

and much more! Some can even be ridden by young children, and some are taken to visit the elderly or sick in hospitals. Their owners use a lot of imagination getting them ready for fancy dress classes at shows, but dressing up a miniature or two is not only done for a show, children enjoy doing this at home. Harness Driving the miniature horse or pony is not just for showing, they are used for pleasure and enjoyment.

In WA when fun days are held members get together and have an enjoyable day participating in many event events; so you see there is more to owning a miniature than meets the eye!

Our Society is the only Miniature Society in Australia to include Donkey registrations and we have a number of these animals registered with us.

Feeding costs for miniatures is not expensive and you do not require a lot of acreage to house one or two. Our Society is more than willing to answer any queries you may have regarding membership, registrations or to offer information should you wish to purchase a horse, pony or donkey for your property.